to communicate the truth and to facilitate

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.

Philip K. Dick


bloggers have an increasingly important role in helping plug the giant holes in national media coverage

Abe Lincoln: "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."


at the W

You can be sure I am thinking about you, feeling a missing now, turning inward now.
To be in your arms felt so primal, like a deep instinctual fulfilment.
I am content to remain, I cannot contain my happiness, my joy.

i want to be near you

I am now starting to understand that relationships really are mirrors and that our interactions with others are precious and valuable for self-reflection and growth.

Intimacy and sexuality with another can enable us to reach to deeper layers of ourselves.

What do we find there?
Clarity or confusion?

At least now I can see myself in a broader perspective, my habits, my addictions, the illusions I cling to, my insecurities,
also; my strength, my purpose, my worth, my dreams and my pleasure.

To realize this with you is like getting a new vision of my core needs, the things I really appreciate.
I am constantly changing and growing, I am a work in progress,
I see that I have become aware of more, I know much, more than before, thanks to my interaction with you.

I may move on or I may linger, I may want to hold onto you for a little longer, I may be able to live with you and share this life with you and be whole, despite the difference; still be sovereign, still be me in every sense.

I understand that there must be compromise between differing levels of consciousness, balance between views, a bridge, a common ground. I can continue to live by what I know to be right and honor your choices, respect your unique path even as I maybe disagree with your actions or style or vibe.

The greater knowing allows for all things to be and has reverence for the unfolding of life, the unraveling that spreads out in all directions and is non-linear, surely this will allow for great expression and creation,

I am sure that all my problems can be resolved, all aspects can be healed throughout time/space if this is required.

I see that I don't mind being uncomfortable, I don't mind being confronted, I don't mind feeling uncertain, no disdain when I'm with you, I can handle this because I want to be near you.


earth plane first

Navigate the earth plane first, learn the rules of this existence; experience the impurity of the dynamic here. It is the game where the polarities must dance and when you can begin to understand the other realms and get a feel for the boundaries, always return to this earth of light and dark, of love and lust, for return you must with your body of flesh and blood for as long as this light is shining it will have it's counterpart. When you have mastered fear you may travel to the other worlds and merge, this is a promise as you choose the path of service to others, soon you will leave suffering behind and stand in the light of a new day, stand on the brow of calm and feel resonance. Do not be afraid of these shadows, of this body, of the images on the screen, of the contempt in the eyes. We are jumping timelines, walking the sky, we go where none have gone before or so it feels and this is real.


arrow in the heart

since this encounter
never so strong, never so vulnerable
now I'm trying, I'm really trying
to keep my feet on the ground
I'm floating away

I concentrate on my work
my responsibilities
now this feeling comes up inside
my body aches for you again and again
I try to focus on my day

we know so little about each other
only feel that something has changed
how we move together
I'm going over and over it
so I leave it, dreamy, stay awake

I'm scared of this showering
of blessings and sweet tidings on me now
all good things suddenly flowing to me
I'm trying, I'm really trying
to keep my feet on the ground
I'm floating away


anger is here, death will come

....so I just did this whole half-drunk depressive rant on the phone to my mum, how I'm drinking now, hoping to slowly kill myself, because I'm so lonely and I don't understand why so many people take an interest in me and like me and yet...

My mum is like; have u thought about seeing a doctor for your depression?



Guard this
The living space
All happens here

This substance
I choose my thoughts
They are mine

From the ancient line
They are calling me
The Shaman