The Negative Nancy Gatekeepers of the Modern American Mind

even as I am fully known

feeling and sensing some tolstoyan qualities with this
a little too dualistic though maybe
i appreciate even
faith, hope and love
i have found prayer to be beneficial
reiki too
reading the upanishads also
older than christianity
much older
i appreciate


wine refrain

honesty of expression
in such a closed scene

warm glow of joy
your hair, eyes

I realised
an aura of serenity

makes the summer night
hold so much, so close


he is in the hearts of all

The wandering swan of the soul dwells in the castle of nine gates of the body and flies away to enjoy the outer world. He is the master of the universe: of all that moves and of all that moves not.

Svetasvatara Upanishad

keeps all things under his protection

Come down to us, Rudra, who art in the high mountains. Come and let the light of thy face, free from fear and evil, shine upon us. Come to us with thy love.

Svetasvatara Upanishad


instinctive emotional states that trigger our deepest subconscious fears

When we want to extricate ourselves from the controlling behavior of another person, a group dynamic or the culture of Controllers, we first must study these behaviors inside our self, in our relationship with others and in the culture that we are part of. When we understand the Culture of Control, we must stop allowing these dark forces to work through us. This is the process of which we purify our minds and emotions of these thoughtforms, which helps to purify our heart, thus purifying our multiple layers of bodies and spiritual house.

when we place boundaries and speak very clearly and neutrally, we can dissolve the tension that has been created

How to set better boundaries immediately:

1. Learn how to use the 12D shield and protect your Lightbody.
2. Realize that low self-esteem is equal to little to no boundary setting.
3. Inquire and decide what your core values and ethics are. What do you value?
4. We cannot change others, we only can change ourselves.
5. Reflect on the consequences of actions ahead of time.
6. Let your consistent behavior and actions show boundary setting, not necessarily words.
7. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

i will sleep in peace until you come to me

freedom timelines 2

The physical aspect of the timeline theory is very important and should not be underestimated, in fact in most cases it is essential to be healthy with energy flowing evenly and continuously through the body systems at all times. Blokkages result in frustrated and suppressed emotions and a victim mentality. Taking full responsibility for our experience sets us on the conscious-creator timelines of safety, joy and abundance versus the destructive timelines of percieved lack and deprivation.The body communicates with us constantly; how we are 'feeling' results in our choice of timeline because the vibration of our cells is vital for energetic building, creating, choosing consciously. A deep feeling of peace and contentment is held within the body, the body-temple, and then moves out into our surroundings creating a sanctuary.