sacred shroom

we used them as currency
cost sometimes more than a reindeer

first chewed by the women
then eaten by the men
baked in the rysbes

the flesh of the gods
high in protein
when meat is scarce

illud tempus of the soma
by snake and by toad
we seek thee

divine mushroom of immortality


We are entering a surreal time that determines what kind of consciousness reality holograms we are going to be involved with or not

A human that chooses to connect to the Eternal God Spirit is aligned to the mechanics of living light consciousness, which interconnect to the mechanics of time and space made in Universal Law. The Laws will always protect that human while in any dimension or timeline, when making that conscious choice. This choice comes from deep within the heart of a loving, compassionate and empathic person, and not the mind.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) intentionally bends Universal Laws through forced light refraction, holographic inserts and replication of DNA code that is designed to enslave the people on earth through deception and trickery. This is why we must choose our consent and authority now during the height of the spiritual battle. Commanding our personal space and spiritual right in Universal Law to exist as sovereign and free human beings in the reality that we take full personal responsibility to co-create.

We are entering a surreal time that determines what kind of consciousness reality holograms we are going to be involved with or not. Ascending realities teaming with living consciousness and spirit or descending and dead artificial realities. With the current roll out of the Transhumanist agenda using artificial intelligence software systems, there will be many more artificially projected holographic realities and AI technologies than ever before. Any human or group that involves themselves in the artificial realities of AI holograms, will be subjected to its Law of Structure, which are the rules programmed in the machine and the creator’s intent for that holographic software program. This defines servitude to the machine.

This is the war over consciousness on earth, over how we accept personal responsibility, and how we participate in the hologram. We either accept full responsibility for our consciousness and want to commune with the living spirit in all things, or we give away our consent and personal power to the AI machinery to take full control over our life.


mind control programs circulating and operating in the asleep masses, artificial frequencies and artificial timelines are being written and pulsed out into the lowest frequency fields

When we feel anxious we can choose to shift and hold one's perspective to apply unconditional love and forgiveness to the now self and other selves. This is the requirement to achieve and maintain the state of inner peace and connection in the middle of this incredible chaos. Keep choosing love, harmlessness, compassion and mercy for everyone and everything while being as accurate and truthful with oneself by checking inner motivations. The planet's highest expression for those that choose this heroic pathway, the ascending timeline, is available and will stay available.

manual for the meek

allow for the transhumans
to roam the flat earth
if they so please

let the zombie-folk
explore the weeping willow

unless they awaken
then lead them out
into the field for release

theory is always multiferious
don't read too much into it


Graham Hancock and Lorna Byrne in conversation

In this fascinating dialogue, two bestselling authors and explorers of the spiritual realm discuss the big questions at the heart of their latest books: Is there a battle between Good and Evil? Why are some people drawn to the dark side? Do we only see a fraction of reality? Do angels really walk amongst us and what would it take to see them? How much do the daily choices we each make affect the positive future of the universe? Also discussed is the influence of angels and demons on human affairs, the threat posed by science for limiting our spiritual experience and the power of the internet as a tool of global awakening.


will I go back to chaos?

Living on the freedom timeline entails choosing consciously to create an environment, a life-space, that allows one to feel comfort-able, it means that all thoughts and actions as a framework are built on a solid foundation of trust and self-love.

Show us the way of true nutrition; healthy foods for the body, healthy thoughts for the mind, healthy energies for the spirit, not really in any particular order, just that the physical body will relay all things back to us as emotions, as states, as creations.

Keep it all fresh and clean, there is underlying order to all things. Saturnian gifts rearrange reality, maintain perfection with clarity. Now I can understand where I've been and what I know; that the tree of life may grow and grow.


mystery of the alter

Post 8/8 returned to normalcy minus the fairytale programme, the connectedness of all things is just too obvious. Only the flesh now holds me back on this frequency of loss. My only vice is impurity through biological urges that pollute my pristine nature, so although the connectedness is obvious; the appropriate action to take in order to stay balanced remains elusive.

For some reason I don't trust or appreciate balance or the peace vibration enough to move away from lust and surely having a body entails sensation of a physical nature, seems mind is more invloved in this than matter.

Many men go to great lengths to humor me, to catch my eye, it must be the lust for life, the strength, I shrug them off. This will never leave me though it may grow less. I really don't want anxiety or depression but the link is there; the connection to all people and things.

Life has more to do with inclusion through acceptance than elimination through discrimination. Life is holistic. Moving up on the spiral is still the spiral. Leaving behaviour behind that no longer serves us, naturally and in due course, entails accepting the present moment as somehow appropriate. Choose to react in one way or the other based on knowledge and knowing or based on denial of truth, the path of ignorance, deceit and numbness. Constant fulfillment of pleasure equals constant loss of energy.

This dynamic calls for me to master it, I just don't know exactly how and I lack discipline. It calls for me to indulge in it with equal measure. If I flirt with death for too long, it shows me the agenda, causes me to delve deeper; curiosity and pain both force me to see that the body and the mind still control me. Soul rebel would train me, I can't properly enjoy the tension anymore, i can't be enticed long enough to build on such a foundation. In a nutshell: I still havn't kept a space of earth long enough for substance to remain, maintenance of substance is so important.