Lao Tzu's four cardinal virtues on how to live a more meaningful life

Lao Tzu's four cardinal virtues on how to live a more meaningful life

Many centuries ago, Lao Tzu, spoke of the four cardinal virtues, teaching that when we practice them as a way of life, we come to know the truth of the universe. The ancient Chinese master said that living and practicing these teachings can open you to higher wisdom and greater happiness, as they realign you to the source and enable you to access all the powers that source energy has to offer.

"When you succeed in connecting your energy with the divine realm through high awareness and the practice of undiscriminating virtue, the transmission of the ultimate subtle truths will follow." Lao Tzu


We need to understand that the Matrix goes beyond mere political conspiracies. It extends into the occult, alien, and hyper-dimensional realms.


There are plastics and then the chemicals that are added to them

Environmental epidemiologist: We are guinea pigs in a worldwide experiment on microplastics

Microplastics, microplastics everywhere

One of the main problems with plastics is that although we may only need them fleetingly - seconds in the case of microbeads in personal care products, or minutes as in plastic grocery bags - they stick around for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, much of this plastic ends up as environmental pollution.

As for human exposure, no direct studies have been conducted but microplastics have been found in virtually all bodies of water on the planet, and on agricultural lands. They have been found in shellfish, sea salt, honey, beer, tap water, bottled water, and even air. Thus, ingestion and inhalation of microplastics are of concern as routes of exposure.


Rajneeshpuram & Healing (response to Wild Wild Country)

Foods with healing cannabinoids

You can still benefit from the same cannabinoids that give the cannabis plant its medicinal properties, without consuming cannabis. There are several foods rich in cannabinoids that benefit the body's endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for helping the body maintain internal balance, also called homeostasis.

Foods that support the function of the endocannabinoid system are pivotal to overall health and well-being. Here are five foods that contain healing cannabinoids and offer therapeutic benefits similar to cannabis.

Foods with healing cannabinoids

Through direct and indirect actions, endocannabinoids are known to influence a wide range of physiological systems, including appetite, pain sensation, inflammation, temperature regulation, intra-ocular pressure, muscle control, energy balance, metabolism, sleep health, stress responses, motivation, mood, and memory. Together, this biological system of lipid mediators, proteins and receptors can be referred to as the 'endocannabidiome.'


Holding certain views which others find inadmissible

“Knowledge of processes in the background early shaped my relationship to the world. Basically, that relationship was the same in my childhood as it is to this day.

As a child I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things which others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know.

Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible. The loneliness began with the experiences of my early dreams, and reached its climax at the time I was working on the unconscious.

If a man knows more than others, he becomes lonely.

But loneliness is not necessarily inimical to companionship, for no one is more sensitive to companionship than the lonely man, and companionship thrives only when each individual remembers his individuality and does not identify himself with others.”

– Carl Jung, “Memories, Dreams, and Reflections”


...not here in the same capacity anymore...

I mentioned in another post that the ascending human, before enlightenment, will feel bored. Why? Because they are not here in the same capacity anymore. They are not motivated by the same things as other humans anymore. They may think they are because this transformational process can leave them exhausted, sick and broke financially. Which are often symptoms of ascension and not because they have done something wrong.

So they may think they are here to have better health or to mend a relationship or to become financially abundant. While these are important and can be achieved, they are truly not the main event in the final legs of becoming fully conscious. They have lived many lifetimes, had a myriad of experiences, traveled, taken on many disguises. It’s a kind of ‘been there, done that‘ feeling.

So we find ourselves a bit bored. We try to fill it up with keeping busy, pulling in a relationship, or creating some drama or crisis. But none of those work very well. We sense that there is something more, but we are not sure what it is. In our deepest hearts we know we are out of the matrix, the collective consciousness. We know we can never go back there again. We have let go of so much to get here. We are in a very different place now. Sure there are parts of us still trying to hang onto control, trying to micro manage our lives, but we are finding that it is exhausting. We still get overwhelmed with emotions and think we are doing something wrong. But we are learning to breathe into those feelings, not resist them. But not own them either. Big difference.

Resistance is what makes this whole process so much harder: resisting the feelings, judging them, judging ourselves. I have talked about letting go of trying to be perfect, of the concept that a spiritual person is not above being human, especially at this point. It is imperative to allow all the emotions breathing room, especially the so-called ‘bad’ ones; the anger, the sadness, the impatience. Honor all those feelings. And in doing that it brings more self-love. This process can be so much easier as we begin to stop the self judgment, especially around the anger and the intolerance.


The Forgotten Gods of Atlantis - The Dreaming Gods of Antiquity

The Lyrans are the advanced races that created the Elohim in the Avatar Matrix

The Lyrans are the original ancestors of our galactic family. Many thousands of years ago their civilization reached a very high technological level, however fell into disagreement and factions within their culture. These factions went to war and destroyed much of their society. Many of these beings from Lyra, left in their star ships to colonize the Pleiades, the Hyades, and the Vega system. Some of these Pleiadians of Lyran ancestors also came to Earth during the Lemurians and Atlanteans period. (Ages of Humanity) The Lyrans now have long evolved past the conflict, or war-like stage of evolution. These other civilizations could be considered as as our galactic cousins.

The Atlantian brotherhood conflict is still playing out its karmic patterns in the contemporary world at this time

Since the Nephilim Wars the Nibiru Annunaki Resistance and Patriarchal Melchizedek factions decide to take over the Inner Earth and start aggressive campaigns to take over the earth territories 30,000 years ago. The Sirians warned them about the abuse of crystal technology in the earth core and these groups continued to force massive power generators into the earth and Crystal Caverns. Several power generators exploded and ripped apart the surface continents of the earth, more powerful than the previous Cataclysm at the time of the Lemurian Holocaust, killing many humans again.

The planet Earth tilted on its axis which damaged all Planetary Gates, Planetary Grid Networks the portals and Stargates on the planet. All the Pyramids and ET technology disconnected and went offline. Flooding and cataclysm destroyed the Atlantian colonies and much of the earth surface. This timeline is also referred to as the Atlantian Flood.

The Atlantian brotherhood conflict is still playing out its karmic patterns in the contemporary world at this time. There are multidimensional levels, pinnacles of conflicts in the middle east, Iran Gate that are fighting over energies and control in ancient inter-dimensional portal gateways going back to the Lyran Wars.