This 2016 Lion’s Gate period was extremely intense and swept away a lot...

So, how was your 2016 Sirian Lion’s Gate period or what I lovingly refer to as our annual running with the lions? This 2016 Lion’s Gate period was extremely intense and swept away a lot, I mean A LOT of old lower inner energy structures in us while simultaneously replacing them with vastly higher frequency, more complex energetic structures, DNA, Codes of Light and consciousness etc. 2016’s Annual Running With The Lions


The root of healing from addiction is connection

The root of healing from addiction is connection -- Science of the Spirit:

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection."
- Johann Harri

"Ask not why the addiction, but why the pain."
- Gabor Maté

Knowledge protects: Those who read books live longer

Reading books is tied to a longer life, according to a new report.
Knowledge protects: Those who read books live longer 

Reading has been shown to put our brains into a pleasurable trance-like state, similar to meditation, and it brings the same health benefits of deep relaxation and inner calm. Regular readers sleep better, have lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, and lower rates of depression than non-readers. "Fiction and poetry are doses, medicines," the author Jeanette Winterson has written. "What they heal is the rupture reality makes on the imagination."


even more pluto in capricorn

An Astrological note: Pluto (evolution) entered Capricorn (3D physical reality) in January 2008. Pluto transits through Capricorn from January 2008 until November 20, 2024, where it finally and permanently enters Aquarius and remains there. Pluto moves direct and retrograde a few times between late degree Capricorn into early degree Aquarius and back again before November 2024, but it remains in Aquarius from November 2024 for the next twenty years or so. Another Major Change Approaching


we choose behaviors that build trust

To increase the quality of our life and to feel more connected, we choose behaviors that build trust inside ourselves and further build trust with others. This awareness as a daily practice with conscious participation will increase the trust frequency in our auric field, and this frequency of trust to circulate into our lives. As we practice this with ourselves, those people who do not resonate with trustworthy behaviors will fall away, while those people that are resonating to qualities of trustworthiness, will be attracted. These are the exact same virtues we will need to value, before we can really increase our human and spiritual connection, as well as deepen intimacy. Being clear and authentic requires we have an truthful and intimate connection with our authentic self. When this quality of intimacy is present within the self, we can develop deep intimate bonds and connections with others.This is a key to healthy and balanced relating. timeline-shift/2792-frequency-of-trust


How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are

A well-documented feature of trauma, one familiar to many, is our inability to articulate what happens to us. We not only lose our words, but something happens with our memory as well. During a traumatic incident, our thought processes become scattered and disorganized in such a way that we no longer recognize the memories as belonging to the original event. Instead, fragments of memory, dispersed as images, body sensations, and words, are stored in our unconscious and can become activated later by anything even remotely reminiscent of the original experience. Once they are triggered, it is as if an invisible rewind button has been pressed, causing us to reenact aspects of the original trauma in our day-to-day lives. Unconsciously, we could find ourselves reacting to certain people, events, or situations in old, familiar ways that echo the past.

Sigmund Freud identified this pattern more than one hundred years ago. Traumatic re-enactment, or “repetition compulsion,” as Freud coined it, is an attempt of the unconscious to replay what’s unresolved,so we can “get it right.” This unconscious drive to relive past events could be one of the mechanisms at work when families repeat unresolved traumas in future generations.

Freud’s contemporary Carl Jung also believed that what remains unconscious does not dissolve, but rather resurfaces in our lives as fate or fortune. “Whatever does not emerge as Consciousness,” he said, “returns as Destiny.” In other words, we’re likely to keep repeating our unconscious patterns until we bring them into the light of awareness. Both Jung and Freud noted that whatever is too difficult to process does not fade away on its own, but rather is stored in our unconscious.


We are the physical aliens and angels on Earth doing the mostly invisible energy work down here...

The teeth gnashing, hate throwing, who can tell more lies the fastest and have the unaware still believe them all, and general negative thrashing about in rapidly increasing duality continues with and in the unaware. This gap is too much for Team Light so just don’t go there at all. Keep your distance from them and the escalating ‘Energetically devouring of each other’ that’s taking place down there. It’s not your, our concern. What is your, our concern is how well can you maintain your current elevation and HighHeart focus despite the wonderfully weird encounters with like-other beings and energies while the unaware act like crazed starving zombies? The better and longer you/me/we can maintain and Hold the Higher Space and Way, the less lower insanity and volatility there will be for All everywhere. No pressure however, just keep doing what you/me/we have been.

Evolving Psychic Perceptions & Abilities


10 simple ways to move into more freedom, peace, knowledge

As I was writing these 10 tips I remembered that I had done a post like this before and I looked it up and it just happens that I wrote that post on exactly this day in 2012!

So exactly 4 years ago I wrote a similar post to this (10 simple calming tips for the shift) ...made me quite happy and look how far we have all come...truly amazing!

Here are the new 10 tips in no particular order:

1) Stop watching television! Stop the programming and mind-control of the mainstream media and fake celebrity. Protect your mind from the garbage. Use youtube or streaming instead.

2) Eat organic food; is better for nature, environment, animals, your body and it tastes better too.

3) Get at least one houseplant; learn to take care of something that's alive. Plants naturally detox homes and living spaces, relax you and they communicate with you too. Tune into nature.

4) Cancel all subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and other print media; we have the internet now; stop the clutter and waste. These are all forms of programming and use up resources and money, do you even read them?

5) Use supplements like Spirulina and Turmeric to detox the body of heavy metals and other toxins, there are hundreds of healing plants, get knowledgable on the foods that heal.

6) Never go to McDonalds, Burger King or any of these fast food places again, extremely low vibrations and toxic to body, mind and soul.

7) Turn off the wifi before you go to sleep. Wifi interferes with dreams and restoration, holds u in a lower programmed state. Research this.

8) Buy some gold and silver and use cash, just as a way of not complying 100% with the system and as an investment.

9) Develop a spiritual practise; meditation, reiki, yoga, prayer or anything that helps you to connect to your higher self and the truth vibrations. The benefits are endless.

10) Donate energy, be of service to others; you could donate money or your time, giving = receiving, just try it, you will see.

Can you think of any good tips for the freedom timelines? Add them below in the comments...