Many of us are here to witness these structures of anti-human control, to observe the actions of ancestral past and track the origins and causal events of how humanity arrived to this point of utter insanity and destruction

We all have to make an accounting of how we arrived here to the process of awakening to the truth in what has happened to the human race, and what blinded us into submission to the most heinous lies ever told. Thus, waking up to see this for the first time can be emotionally devastating, and very difficult to grapple in that this has been happening on the earth for a very long time. Our reality has been a lie, a complete sham, devised as an anti-human torture chamber used as a playground for billionaire elites possessed by off planet entities. What can we learn from this revelation, and what will be our takeaway? We must awaken to co-create a new world that is loving and reverent to all life and humanity.

Maintaining Sanity with Self Care


There is no stopping it

It is clear to all of us in the spiritual community that these are unprecedented times in which we entered a new era in 2020. Everything we have known is progressing into something else, an entirely new game on a new playing field, the reality is being reset in the fields as we speak. A new era in which we can observe the metaphysical layers of spiritual warfare begin to manifest itself into the physical world, and that seeing, feeling and knowing that this warfare is happening in real time, is extremely disturbing and sometimes, emotionally painful and depressing. There is a saying, those that know cannot sleep, and it is a part of the energetic burden that this spiritual family shares as we watch the unraveling of the controller matrix together. Since last December, there was an event that occurred during the week of the Galactic node alignment, in which Guardian teams made note to communicate – “The Time is Now!” It can take some time to understand what the heck is happening when the worlds seem to part in the sky, and these cryptic messages from the fieldwork actually reveal themselves to be truer than true, as this was the pre-warning that we were going into spiritual battle for the end game. The end game is the timeline of the singularity into zero point which is the organic timeline of Disclosure as it is made to the earthly inhabitants. This is the God creator plan, and no matter what kind of opposition, resistance and entity tantrums rise to destroy the world for people to become consumed in the forces of chaos and violence, the infinite Creator has a benevolent plan for all, and there is no stopping it.

Maintaining Sanity with Self Care

Save The Children, Arrests Made, We Are The News Now!!!


Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture

Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.

- Plato


Many freshwater fish species have declined by 76 percent in less than 50 years

Many freshwater fish species have declined by 76 percent in less than 50 years -- Earth Changes

Migratory freshwater fish are among the most threatened animals on the planet, a new report by a coalition of environmental organisations shows.

The global assessment, described as the first of its kind, found that populations of migratory freshwater fish have declined by 76 percent between 1970 and 2016—a higher rate of decline than both marine and terrestrial migratory species.

"We think migratory freshwater fish might be in even greater peril" than the dramatic drop the report indicates, says the report's lead author, Stefanie Deinet of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). "Adding currently missing information from tropical regions where threats of habitat loss and degradation, overexploitation, and climate change have been increasing, will surely bend the curve of loss downwards."


Full Disclosure Event

Humanity is enduring a hidden multidimensional battle for Disclosure which is gradually happening as the Collective Consciousness shifts into higher dimensional planes as the result of the Ascension Cycle.

Full Disclosure Event is referring to the highest level of extraterrestrial disclosure to earthlings that reveal the most detailed scenarios of our true hidden extraterrestrial human Galactic History and not the manipulated NAA version of Archontic Deception Strategy used to control the mainstream historical records to enslave the human population since the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion

Humans would be briefed beyond just knowing about the existence of the Extraterrestrial races, crafts and cooperative agreements made with earthly world governments, additionally, humans would be reeducated to know about NAA groups, Secret Space Programs, Human Trafficking, Mind Control, Transhumanism and AI agendas, DNA and genetic manipulation programs on planet and off planet, how earth, human resources and technology are used as bartering to trade for a variety of off planet civilizations and extraterrestrial species. 

Full Disclosure Event includes revealing the Power Elite groups and Negative Aliens that have abused power on earth and are required to restore energetic balance to make amends with the crimes they have made against humanity.

Full Disclosure Event