While I was on holiday in Southern Germany where my sister lives (just got back) I got to know Family U. who have an extraordinary collection of newts, salamanders and fighting fish. Some quite rare species, I always dig animal lovers. Very, very cool! Thanks to them I now have a small collection of my own. These creatures are really amazing, cute and pretty spaced out... Tylototriton verrucosus - Himalayan Crocodile Newt otherwise known as the Alligator Newt or Emperor Newt
Natural Range and Habitat
Tylototriton verrucosus has been recorded from Yunnan Province in China (Zhao and others), northern Thailand, northern Vietnam, northern Burma, northeastern India, Bhotan and eastern Nepal. Its range seems to follow areas of reasonable elevation (foothills of mountains, etc) and it is said to occur in various habitats where mountain forests exist or previously existed, such as cultivated rice fields (Kuzmin and others).
Pleurodeles Watl - Spanish Ribbed Newt or Iberian Newt The largest species of newt in Europe.
Natural Range: Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

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  1. I love the newts! Not only do they look really cute but they are also beautiful and wonderful to watch!!