The high of the inner awakening

Something is happening, all around me, its a process but the tides are turning. The wind is changing, I can feel it whispering through my hair, and a cold shiver down my back, a buzz, like a drug high. Waves of energy surge through my body and with them euphoria unlike any other. It is pure though, it is me, like a fresh breeze after the storm, for I am leaving stormy waters. The sun appears from behind a cloud, so electric, my world is beaming with light and I can feel my skin tingling with warm energy and life as I have never felt it before. I have entered a new realm and yet I am still here on the earth. My vision is crystal clear, colours are so warm and full of life and I wonder sometimes if I am tripping, for I have only experienced this mindscape and outer beauty while on psychedelics.

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