The Shattered Realm>>Fear

Fear exists on two levels. On the animal level it is real. This is the fear you feel when someone pulls a knife on you or your car begins to veer into a field. This fear is useful because it keeps the body and mind healthy. The other level is the neurotic level. This is not real and is an unnecessary barrier to development. This is a level of fear that exists due to lack of insight or experience. To overcome this level of fear you need to grasp hold of that fear and explore what its actual source is. Once you identify that, you must confront it head on either by developing a greater vision of how such fear is a manifestation of the unknown, or by putting yourself into the kind of situation that stimulates that fear. When those unknowns become familiar you begin to realise that neurosis is a by-product of unfulfilled potential. When our potential abilities and experiences become unfurled, neurosis mutates into a lesser form and gradually diminishes. It may be difficult to entirely suppress, but it can become a controllable variable rather than a handicap.

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