Feeling the Vibe

Everything is about Energy, and everything is about vibration. Everything vibrates, and everything is communicating and reacting, responding and integrating with other things that are vibrating. In other words, this is a Vibrational Universe that we are all a part of. Everything is vibrating, and as you give your attention to it, and hold your attention upon it for as little as 17 seconds, whatever its vibration is, begins to be included in your vibrational mix. And so, as that which you give your attention to is included in your vibration, your vibration is then affected by that which you are giving your attention to. And as your vibration is affected by whatever it is you are giving your attention to -- the entire Universe now responds to your vibrational output differently than it did before. Read this interesting article here
The Powerful Law of Attraction
Everything is vibrational, and the way you attract, or the way you are allowing, things into your experience - is by the powerful Law of Attraction. It is really the only law that is worth spending much time talking about, because everything happens by Law of Attraction. What Law of Attraction says is, "Those vibrations that are same, come together." In other words, "That which is like unto itself is drawn". Whenever you are offering a vibration, other things in your physical Universe that are vibrating in that same vibration - you and those things now have a relationship. Whenever the transmitter of a radio signal sends out a signal, and whenever you tune your tuner to the same signal - you can hear what they are saying, and the same sort of thing is happening to you on an unconscious, vibrational level all the time. When you offer a thought, the thought is vibrating, and - you offer this vibrating thought, other thoughts that are like it, you now have access to. More here
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