pleasure of techno

Did I forget to go out, lock the door behind me, and experience the regular charms of city life? Have I left hectic trams and metro crowds behind? Where are the people dancing, where are the smoky corridors and closed off corners where people lounge to breathe and have silent communal cool offs? Where are the tourists tripping on new worlds and spicy languages afloat on the evening breezes? The pleasure of techno and psycho-active ceilings are above me, underground clubs below me, I always knew I was just passing through. Grinding simplicity is lost to sliding complex systems of doubt. I feel old but know I am ever younger than before; seek not to escape with fury, to block out reflections with substances. I cannot miss my train anymore; I cannot float past neon’s flashing and the scent of cheap food, coffee, cigarettes and cannabis. I don’t know if I’ll see you tonight to have a drink, I know I probably won’t, I would like to sit on the bank at our spot and watch the boats sailing out while we turn our misfortune into new dreams.


  1. You are obviously a young man with a rare awareness of the universe around you. Very intersting blog and well written. I will be returning and will add your link to my own blog.

  2. Thankyou so much for this compliment, it means alot to me and thanks for posting a link. I will do the same.