on the horizon of my mind

Where shall I hide? A storm is brewing on the horizon of my mind and the shadows I see on peoples faces are reflected in my heart. It is time though to face the world, to practice what I preach and draw from my inner calm. My meditation days have ceased but they have left a pure shore behind. I will wait here for the storm to reach me, far out at sea lightning flickers and the wind is increasing. My hair is blown in all directions but my eyes hold their own gaze. Like a tree with roots that go down deep though the branches sway madly, I stand. I would laugh at this new treachery, the scorn of men is known to me. The waves are now crashing upon this shore; the others that once stood with me are being swept away. Thunder drums through my ears, as if to announce an army of fears approaching. Now the rains come and they are like ice on my naked flesh and on my brow they sting like a thousand needles, even now a smile flickers over my face. Inside I feel the first wave of comfort like a glowing, an inner river of hope through me flowing.
Chapter 22
The Return Of Calm©2006

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