The light of the mind

The personality is always striving to adjust itself to the "world" and its environment; the disciple on the other hand attunes his aura to Hierarchical vibration or his own soul, and soon discovers that there isn't any "world" in the human sense of the word. The "world" is replaced in his consciousness by the "constantly expanding revelation". As the disciple deals with himself the "world" becomes illusion, glamour, maya. When the "world" is emptied out of his consciousness, then space is created to make room for the "revelation". Clarity of thought replaces the personal muddle; both impression and expression are greatly facilitated. "The world is too much with us; getting and spending we lay waste our powers." Thus synthesis involves a drastic process of elimination; the Fire will not tolerate the trivialities or petty concerns of personal existence.
Robert Assagioli, M.D
From Transpersonal Development The dimension Beyond Psychosynthesis

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