submersion into orange

This scene is underlined by surrender, a submersion into orange, fire and water, every body glistening with esthetic sweat. I make my way through the crowds and revere in the looks of those passing me. I see psychedelic patterns of purple and dark blue on faces, they are like hieroglyphics of some ancient tribe.The shields are broken down and we are flowing, just shaking the desperation away and enjoying living for what it is, for the simplicity of natural physical feeling. There is a drumming of a thousand feet on the earth. There are burning torches and smoke streams of many colors, skin and flames, deception by vanity and seductive games. I am distracted by the hidden and the calling of many, a wanting I read in numerous souls, a yearning to partake of me, to feel connected. We are lost in a separate reality where the rules of society have no meaning and a new set of rules is laid down by those of high communication and symmetrical appearance, they who blind the eye and deflect renunciation. We are a unity of souls all moving together like one organism, here we emanate elation. I am swept on the waves of rhythm and nothing can remind me now that this state is temporary.
Chapter 16
Ian Smith - The Return of Calm ©2006

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