What is truth? This is the first and most fundamental question that must be answered before you can even begin to address “who you are,” who the other players are, what fields of existence are affecting us, and what the dynamics of those fields are.
There are two types of truth, absolute truth, and relative truth. All our experiences in life occur within the field of relative truth. Relative truth is subjective, dependent upon on the beliefs of the observer, the expression of the observed, and the field in which observation takes place.
All relative truth is fictional, any experience you have in relativity is undefined until the instant you observe some “thing” and give definition to that “thing”. After observing and defining the “thing” you asses a value to it.
Relative truth can be considered by us as commerce, commerce being any interaction involving a flow/exchange of energy between two relative points within a given field of expression. Per the commercial maxim, “in commerce truth is sovereign,” what we need to comprehend in order to exercise our sovereignty in our physical/legal-commercial lives is truth.
Since there is no absolute truth in relative experience, we the participants have to define the truth in/of any given relative moment in time/space ourSelf. By defining your truth, expressing it and living it, you are BEING sovereign. The truth is that you define who you are regardless of how others define you, unless you choose to adopt their perception of you as your own.
source: the four bodies

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