All these things are of the mind

Who am I, just a question mark?
Not even a very good one, at least not yet acclaimed. I am jealous of them or am I not?
We are not the same, most of all not in our father’s eyes. I always feel lesser.
I know this to not be the absolute truth; yes there are times that I feel great.
(Beware: own your personal power, it is a gift. You fall behind when you allow comparisons to make you blind. If you would walk on the path of detachment, separate yourself from this then also.)
(How can you compare yourself to those who are successful in attachment, you have failed too many times in your attempts to return to that game.)
Is my life such a contradiction?
(All these things are of the mind my brother.)
I thank you. Every thing you say is true, because now I see that comparisons are pregnant with confusion, birthing separation, raising anxiety.
I hold out my hands, I turn my voice to heaven, I close my eyes. There is no other way to expel my addiction: loving what is false, believing what is true, suffering under illusion.
You see when a person lets his ego interpret reality rather than the soul or the spiritual attitude system, he is lost in illusion.
(Welcome back, my friend.)

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