The Invisible War on Humanity

Today we find ourselves living in progressively more turbulent and stressful times. Sensitive persons, and even the more discerning man-of-the-masses, are now feeling the increasing pressure and influence of unwholesome forces and powers arising, as prophesied, to maintain and reinforce their dominion in these end-times. The ongoing agenda to suppress genuine spiritual awareness and experience is intensifying; greater and more cunning efforts are being made to reduce the potential for freedom from the systems of physical and occult control that fashion and manipulate human society on Earth.
This is a subject, though frightening to many, that we have long sought to expound in the world as a necessary warning of what vision had apprised us of much earlier, knowing that a point in time would arrive when many more people would become conscious of these influences, and so seek understanding. For although, due to enhanced communications such as the Internet etc., humanity is being made aware of the more tangible methods of propaganda via the media, politics, economics and military activity, far fewer people are to date educated regarding the more subtle and surreptitious dynamics of the hidden or invisible onslaught upon the collective human consciousness.
In our times of potential world-awakening and spiritual realization, a discriminating portion of humanity is striving to disengage as much as possible from "the matrix*", at least in thought and aspiration, which, unlike the physical level of our being, is possible even if challenging to do. However, such a disconnection and readjustment in one's inner life and attitude brings about peculiar ramifications and responses from the pervasive intelligence of the matrix itself, and these are today bearing down on mankind as the inevitable world-tension increases.
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