What do the souls of Hitler and other past leaders have to say?

Read this very interesting article here: http://www.cosmiclighthouse.com/aug08/articles/expecting_the_unexpected
As we compiled the Leaders book a huge issue emerged concerning the meaning and purpose of evil, suffering, and all kinds of negativity. One of our leaders was Mahatma Gandhi, whose human spirituality ran very deep.
I asked him: You have spoken of having many lifetimes. Have you learned in the course of those lifetimes what is the purpose of human life?
Gandhi: “The purpose of human life is to learn as much as we can about ourselves and (as they say up here) to learn lessons. At Home we’re in an ocean, an all-consuming environment of unconditional love. Here we do not feel hate, despair, or any emotions or feelings that would be considered negative. It is only by assuming a human body that we are able to experience these things, yet in each one of these seemingly negative experiences of our lessons, our appreciation and wisdom concerning the unconditional love from which we come grows, magnifies, and intensifies. So we come to Earth to partake of the lessons we may learn there in order that we may grow in appreciation of what we have at Home and who we are as a soul, a piece of the all-encompassing divinity.”

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