End of an Era

Huge and numerous gas pockets were blown open in the lairs of the animals, precipitating volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the slowly cooling earth. The magnitude of the disturbances caused the axis of the world to shift, bringing the poles to their present position and producing the last of the great Ice Ages.
Lemuria was the first to be affected, losing much of its territory as it began to sink into the Pacific. In Atlantis the area of the Sargasso Sea, off the west coast of Cuba, was the first to go under water. The rest of the continent was broken up into several large islands with many canals, ravines, gulfs, bays and streams. The temperate climate rapidly changed to a more torrid one.
With the upheavals, the initial migrations from Atlantis took place in small numbers to the east and west. The earliest settlements were in the region of the Pyrenees Mountains in France and Spain; then later in Central and South America. The movement of the Lemurians was primarily to South America. The land of Og , along the Pacific coastal area of what later was to be southern Peru, was occupied. This was the beginning of that mysterious tribe of Indians known as the Incas.
From this time on, although material civilization rose to great heights, there was a growing unrest among the Atlantian People. In a land of plenty, strife rather than peace became the rule. The altars came to be used for human sacrifice by those turning away from the original concept of the One God. Sun worship became prevalent. Only the dedicated inner core of the Children of the Law of One remained firm.
Low standards of morality, sex indulgence and perversion became rampant. Poverty and hunger were widespread among the peasantry and working classes. There was a deteriorating of the physical and spiritual bodies, just as there was a wasting away of the mountains and valleys into the sea. In spite of material advancements, inner decay was to bring diversion and finally annihilation to a proud, wicked, and adulterous people.
The second important land change came long after the first, around 28,000 B.C, and resulted in the submergence of many large islands. The Bible gives an account of it in the story of Noah and the Flood.
Lemuria vanished into the Pacific Ocean. Some of its inhabitants fled to the safety lands of lower California, Arizona and New Mexico, where they established the brotherhood of Mu in the land of “Mayra”. For the Atlantians it was the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one unsurpassed in many ways.
Source: Edgar Cayce’s story of The Origin and Destiny of Man.

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