The frequency of 2009

Manifesting the required scenarios serving to awaken us from our individual and collective hallucination is the very essence of the coming 2009 frequency.
2009 is time for us to ‘grow up’ and take our place at the table of planetary guardianship.
2009 begins with 2 [activity] and ends with 9 [completion and transition], and in between these two numbers it has 00 [activity impulsed from within the void].
9 + 2 adds up to 11 [the possibility for Mastership through integration of opposites – otherwise – extreme active conflict of opposites].
11 = 1 + 1 which adds up to 2 [activity, again]. So, expect the entire year to be so full of activity – individually and collectively - that it becomes literally impossible to ‘think’ or ‘plan’ anything.
The frequency of 2009 may therefore be briefly summed up as follows:
This year is actively, through ongoing vibrational impulses, moving us toward required transformation. The key to this transformation is mastering the seeming conflict of opposites – or integration of opposing forces. Failure to integrate these seemingly opposing forces will for many not mean ‘transformation’ – but instead ‘transitioning’. As a ‘rapid’ makes or breaks a canoeist, this year makes or breaks us individually or collectively.
Some key words for 2009 are:
Activity / Busyness / Vibrational / Completion / Transition / Transformation / End / Relating / Relationships / Integration / Conflict / Peace / Intimacy / Mastering / Rapid
A key recommendation for successfully navigating 2009 is:
To deliberately and consistently install moments of quietness, stillness, and emptiness into our ‘daily now’.
in 2009 ‘Later’ is non-existent.
A simple hobby gives one an outer point of focus while the inner quietly and consistently practices the art of ‘watching the story’ and ‘containing the felt-vibrations’.
In 2009, a hobby that appears outwardly as ‘meaningless to others’ may well be the most profoundly efficient ‘spiritual practice’ available to us.
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