law of attraction, health and choice of experience

by Dr Eric Pearl
One of the biggest guilt trips that has been making the rounds for quite some time relates to the concept of choice.
Hang out at any New Age bookstore or gathering for long enough and inevitably, as soon as the discussion turns to someone's faultering health, some one else will pipe in, generally with a holier-than-thou tone in their voice, and say, "Well I wonder what they did to bring it on themselves." The others will then nod their heads in a practised, all-knowing fashion. We've all seen this. Now this poor person, whoever they are, already has enough going on without a group of NAGs (New Age Gossipers) attempting to make themselves feel superior at this persons expense. "Bob (or Mary or whoever) should simply choose to get well," the converstaion continues. "Just look at what this is doing to their kids." The spiritual One-upmanship is so thick you could cut it with a crystal wand.
If we were able to make our own choices as easily as we were able to select a shirt or a slice of pizza, I'd certainly choose to be happy, healthy, living in a a loving relationship with a partner who fulfilled my every wish and need, and to be prosperous in the career of my choice. And, while I was at it, I'd choose to be incredibly good looking (what the heck!). I know that a lot of people would choose some of the very same things. I also know that if there was a pill that could give this to us, we'd all be at the doctor's office first thing in the morning, standing in line for the prescription.
So why don't we all manifest these things in our lives to the degree we think we'd like? Because the part of us that does the choosing isn't the part of us that many of us would like to think does the choosing. It's not the conscious part of us that decides upon the blue shirt or the peperoni pizza. It's the part of us that sees the big picture, the overview of our lives. It's the part of us that has the understanding that we're going through our lessons here on Earth and that our experiences are to be played out within certain parameters - those that we most likely agreed on prior to incarnating this time around. Do I know this for a fact? No. Does it make sense? Yes.
So maybe Bob (or Mary) can't just order themselves up an instant helping of "good health." Maybe blaming them for that, or for getting sick in the first place, isn't really doing anyone a service. As more and more of us are able to view things from a larger perspective, there will be less pain inflicted on others by those of us who really want to mean well.
Source: The Reconnection

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