much goodness to know

Do not be afraid, dear one, you shall realise all that you truly desire.
We can see that your deepest desires are of the highest alignment and so they will come to be.

You can be sure that you will receive everything you need in due time, that means; when you are ready to enjoy it and receive it best.

Choice is a rather debatable given to you at this time because you believe in the law of attraction that is coming at you now from all outlets and this makes it difficult for you when you don't receive that what you believe you should have attracted.

There is another thing that seems rather questionable to you also, that of your soul- purpose here on earth and how that coincides with your current evolution or transition. For example you can have trust in helping others by residing in their frequency but feel like that is constricting to you.

So you wonder if you have any real choice in any matter as you are drawn to, and conscious of; multiple realities and frequencies at this time.

Well we say this: 
there is much you are still not conscious of, and you cannot always see the bigger picture when you get caught up in so called negative emotions, there are illusions present in your reality, not just in your mind or experience but in the outer world too.

We see that illusions are being seen for what they are now and that you are having to accomodate and re-evaluate. This is all part of the human experience for you and residing in any frequency should be valuable for your growth, seen from a broader learning experience perspective.

All is in divine and perfect order, we always repeat this because we know these words have a grounding, calming dimension to them.

There is also the experience of time which you are learning about.

There is no haste, there is no waste.

Trust and find that inner space again, where there is calm and a peaceful knowing. That is most important as you live your life and in your living is your soul purpose, in the struggle is the helping others, you are always helping yourself aswell as others just living your life.

There should be some transcendance now at all times, there is a filtering through of your soul and the most beautiful light at all times now in all of your experiences, there is illumination even though you pretend not to see it or are just not aware of it as yet.

You are becoming ever more aware, believe it or not, all humans are, so this is the expansion of consciousness and you are playing an important part in raising vibrations everywhere you go.

The intensity you sometimes feel inside or feel you are lacking outside is the gift, propelling you forward as you wish.

Be happy to know youself, for there is much goodness to know.

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