triple digit numerology

A quick check in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, “Serpent of Light, Beyond 2012″ told me the answer. If you are not familiar with this book, in it Drunvalo breaks down the meaning of triple digit numbers in our lives:

111 – energy flow: something is flowing to you: money, water, sex, etc…,
222 – new cycle: something new is beginning, wait on next triple # for guidance,
333 – decisions: a fork in the road where your decisions will lead to a 666 which repeat past lessons or to the 999 which means completion and lesson learned,
444 – mystery school: life lessons, real lessons, study, learning about Reality
555 – unity: highest number Christ Consciousness, when someone has attained unity
666 – can represent pure evil, watch out for physical events and exercise caution
777 – mystery school: practicing all you have learned
888 – completion of a lesson
999 – completion of a cycle of lessons or events, spiritual mastery
000 – meaningless


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