in his lifelight

Capricious when I dial the phone. He gives tendency towards the crying sensation, the melting throat deal, rendering the present moment all. He makes me feel ever so comfortable in my fancy body and o so lithe in my limbs, and when he gives me that sideways winking smile; lovejoy.

Now I am crossing the street to get in beside him and have to suppress laughter as I remember some glitch from the night before. Savvy to be easy during life and to know always that the trip is going to be crossing several states before it lifts off. The sun is quite sparkly again but soothing to be blind, so bright in the rays.

Not one of those guys with their sad eyes leaning, the men desperately sweeping for change, metaphorical chains, he knows what it means, he knows where the life-force went in the war. He moves through my labyrinth with such confidence, it’s because he knows the way, quite a pleasure to see how he sometimes has a map in his memory.

So honesty really is quite liberating, it’s the green growing chi that climbs up towards the wind chimes. Every time I see something in him that I recognize, he gives me the gut cracklings and it’s enough, it's fine like this, it’s good like that. He teaches me.

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