to know the support

Sometimes the intense times we go through are also the loving ones; hanging on the edge, feeling that rush of life just breezing past us; it's maybe what we need and even what we crave.
It may be the unknown; what a thrill to discover; sometimes i'm just hanging on to see how this will develop; just to see where this vibe is going to take me.
If I'm drunk I will still give thanks to that movement.
I know it's carrying me, the love; it's cradling me, everyday I see it more and more.
Today I felt like I really began to put it to work with the removal guy.
The thought-life is important; the appreciating, uplifiting thought, the support now and always.
May all men find their way; may they find it and come to know it, to know this life as their own; to know the support and to know the appreciation that I have for the struggle.
It surely is well, even during and after the spraying, I saw it this morning again in the sky.

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