Reincarnation, judgment and the present

When you leave this human life experience you are not judged in any way, you are not condemned, you are not trapped, you are not blamed, and you are not sentenced.

You will come to realize and understand everything about the nature of being human and the purpose of creation. You will see everything from a completely different viewpoint.

Reincarnation is not a wheel of imprisonment or entrapment. Reincarnation does not entail the concept of karma as debt or punishment. 

You will be so moved by the suffering you have caused and been part of, you will hold much remorse for the judgment you have held and the choices you have made and you will instantly see how it could have been done differently and how different choices could have been made. 

There is always some amount of responsibility involved in the choice to be alive on planet earth.

You will be very excited to jump straight back into a body and into the human experience, in order to try out different choices. There is no negative judgment involved, only compassion and joy. 

It is a real thrill to be human. It is a game we angels play and our growth is part of a larger expansion of a far greater reality than even we can comprehend. 

Reality is infinite.

The transitory nature of the human game (we learn most well through play) makes it humanly speaking a timeline of experience of past, present and future. A human thinks that there is a past and that there is a future for humanity but really there is only the present moment where all is happening simultaneously. The prehistory is happening now and the future likened to a science fiction novel is also happening now.

Within the story of humanity as a species there is growth and development as you see it within your present life, within the parameters of the game this is necessary. Polarity is also crucial for the correct learning environment. Polarity entails opposites and also judgment, differentiation is quite paramount to survival on planet earth.

The earthlife from a human experience is one of great contrasts, similarities and differences. Within this spectrum there is freedom to experience every manner of suffering and unknowing. There can be great darkness and conflict and you make choices, you act, you live and you are curious to try everything within the boundaries of the game.

We are joyful in our effort for we learn constantly, we discover, we expand and it is all good. The density of the polarity allows us to truly know ourselves and this existence and it is infinite in its expression. 

The human experience entails a forgetting (temporarily) of who you are. It is not always complete and utter, there is always contact and connection with the source in which we exist as beings playing this game of human life in this dimension. The source is infinite and we wish to grow and know it better.

It seems from a human perspective in a duality universe that life is finite, limited, conditional and confined and it has to be that way for the experience to be conducive to learning and growth and I add: great joy.

So we revisit the earth as a hologram or game, time and time again in a process you could term reincarnation because we do reincarnate as humans in order to experiment with choice and all manner of experience.

We have created this 'game' so that we can learn about a state of being and a state of density that is so unlike our own but one which is very much part of our territory and dimension as we expand. 

When the learning process is complete and we have mastered the game, we will all move on, all humans included, into a new experience of expansion and infinity. 

We will all leave the wheel of death and rebirth as one unified entity. At that point (within the timeline) we will be satisfied and deeply fulfilled by the game. 

Reincarnation is a compassionate and loving choice, it is a commitment to growth and it brings great joy.

At this present moment within your perceived timeline within human evolution we specifically wish to have the veil lifted further and further to allow more and more light into your lives and in order to tip the scales of your and our human world in favor of joy as an experience. 

This process has been termed already by some humans as conscious-creation or the consciousness of infinity. Unconditional love is the fabric of reality; we are all one with the source of all life (light) as it is.

There is only the present moment but the amnesia is truly remarkable as it allows for all types of illusion, confusion and contraction. This is very fascinating stuff for us. The physical reality of your (our) world is quite special.

Unconditional love worked out within the game is our purpose and our goal is to know ourselves as we are and we are unconditional love. This human experience (game) allows us to get to know ourselves as we truly are and we learn a great deal and experience great joy from it. Our reality is one of joy.

So reality is not time-based for us as manifestations of source energy but it is always time-based if we wish to portray to you something of this existence, the human story of your (our) lives.

What then of the suffering and so called evil and what of good and so called love? 
Outside of the human experience there is no judgment for we are beings of unconditional love within the energy of source. To know that there is no judgment may cause feelings of shock and outrage.

There is no concept of morality, judgment or condemnation outside of the human experience. The nature of unconditional love is allowing for this deception and illusion to take place so that we might know ourselves better and know the infinite as it is.

We leave the game complete and as masters over it. This means we have learnt about unconditional love as effectively as possible in a deep and integrated way and can now move on in joy. Again I explain this as a timeline but it is not.

To experience this (ourselves) expanding entails the experience of that which we are not. We hold no darkness within ourselves but we wish to expand and grow, this entails new and unchartered territory and that which is infinite. The human experience (game) allows for this.

In our joy of play we visit the full spectrum of duality in all its manifestations, emotions, senses, instincts and forms of matter. This includes the more brutal and evil behaviors, in other words that which may not seem to be serving joy or the greater good but I say that it is.

A human body is a marvelous creation and quite perfect really, everything is designed to meet the requirements of our evolution and expansion. 

Know that all experience is choice, you (we) are in this together. We play different roles within the game, we research everything, and we cover all expressions of humanity within polarity. 

We are all 'bad guys' and 'good guys’, we play together continuously and we are all one within the expansion of infinite source.

We will move on when we are done and we already are. Looking at your particular life now, it is very interesting. This communication is possible because we wish to integrate unconditional love and masterhood into your life and the lives of many of your fellow humans in this age.

From your point of view your times are troubled but no more than any other timeline past or future. The human experience in a polarity universe is always going to be somewhat ‘rocky’.

The consciousness of the experience is different for you in this specific lifetime, it is more pronounced for you now than the others lifetimes. 

There are forces at play within the parameters of the game, most humans seek to play victim and some, just a few, have set themselves up as perpetrators. They (you, us), within the confines of the veil and within the amnesia believe themselves to rule over the planet through a network of conspiracy and dominion. 

Many of those in so called power on earth have socio- and psychotic roles and experiences. The majority are playing victim.

This is all good and well, the game is going good (from a learning perspective it could never be bad). We seek though now to change the game this time around for you and many humans but not all. 

We are getting through now and the veil is thinning.

The tables are turning and the victims are becoming conscious and the perpetrators are becoming conscious and we (you) are co-creating in a very specific manner now. This is the realization of you (ourselves) as beings of unconditional love; this is becoming a conscious reality now.

Within this timeline you are waking up to this truth. 

You are bringing light into your life and the darkness is becoming conscious. 

Do you see how we are expanding and growing from this game, from this being? 
This is our nature of joy.

You need never question again whether or not your life has purpose or meaning because every second of your time is precious and perfect as a learning experience. Every moment of creation is joyful from our perspective even the most extreme polarity of darkness and fear holds great wisdom and knowledge within it. 

All forms of life and expression are allowed and encouraged within this game.

You and I we are the same entity, separation is an illusion, a game, a great understanding and unfolding, a flash of very bright light.

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