warning! awakening can cause depression!

It's a topsy turvy world we live in and we have been told so many times that becoming aware, waking up, working on ourselves, raising our consciousness and ascending etc will bring great feelings of joy, happiness, contentment and all manner of positive things. They say that we will be manifesting left and right all of the material things we believe we deserve because me made it somehow to the next level or something like that and yes this is maybe true but it's as usual only one half of the spectrum. This is a half-truth.
The other half takes some getting used to; sorry to break it to ya. When we get past the first layering of illusions - most people don't even get that far - that's when we get the duality lessons starting to pop up, then come the lies, so many lies, so many cover-ups, so many deceptions and this is just the first layer of many. It is ugly, so very vile and it's all part of the show my friends. 
If we have the guts to continue than just a little later there will be plenty of pain coming up as the illusions and masks are stripped away one by one and everything we held to be true makes way for the real truth of this dimension and the real plight of every human being on this planet.

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