earth plane first

Navigate the earth plane first, learn the rules of this existence; experience the impurity of the dynamic here. It is the game where the polarities must dance and when you can begin to understand the other realms and get a feel for the boundaries, always return to this earth of light and dark, of love and lust, for return you must with your body of flesh and blood for as long as this light is shining it will have it's counterpart. When you have mastered fear you may travel to the other worlds and merge, this is a promise as you choose the path of service to others, soon you will leave suffering behind and stand in the light of a new day, stand on the brow of calm and feel resonance. Do not be afraid of these shadows, of this body, of the images on the screen, of the contempt in the eyes. We are jumping timelines, walking the sky, we go where none have gone before or so it feels and this is real.

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