a complex living matrix of multidimensional consciousness

Previous to the Atlantian Cataclysm, most cultures on the earth understood that the planetary body was a complex living matrix of multidimensional consciousness. They understood that the land and geography was filled with vortexes, energetic power points, archetypal patterns, ley lines, memories and etheric living creatures that work with those subtle energies. Cathedrals, temples, shrines, pyramids and ancient megalithic structures were intentionally built on top of these power points, to accelerate the forces of nature and cosmic energies to enter into these sacred structures. Today, their ruins are scattered all over the earth, some visible while others are buried deep under the substratum and bedrock. As these multidimensional forces entered into these sacred sites from an intentionally created grid network, they could be amplified and accessed by the people present at that location. Multiple vast areas on the earth were connected together through running currents of frequency and life force that connected throughout many of these sacred sites. This is why the same pyramidal architecture or masonry style is seen repeatedly in the ancient megaliths spanning continents throughout the world in unrelated cultures. These sacred sites were designed as human sanctuaries, to intensify spiritual and natural forces to expand consciousness, to bring peace and balance to the state of the planet, to bring health and well being to the humans and the nature kingdoms.
The Atlantian Cataclysm plummeted the planetary body and human consciousness into a very dark age of tyrannical control. The advanced technologies were forgotten, extraterrestrial histories were forgotten, and the human race fell into amnesia of who they once were, as multidimensional consciousness beings. Humanities evolution digressed to the Stone Age after the Atlantian Cataclysm. Transfiguration

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