Freedom: to walk free and own no superior

I am all of those men, all of the potential of man moves within me and yet I know that this lifetime is not to be wasted on these archetypes, on these prototypes, I have been all of these passions. I have spent lifetimes in these desires, whole cycles in these persuasions. I have been all men and all woman.

The mystic knows that this life is about transcendence of this performance, moving beyond the traumatic mastershow of survival. The mystic knows that all of this is seperation, fear and vanity, for he knows the life beyond. He knows he is nearing the end of matter and moving into spirit, moving into balance.

The maya is so incredibly enticing, the drama is so familiar, the beauty of this life is just mezmerizing. It is not without struggle for the moves come natural; being the human comes easy. Deeply engrained in the body and the many lives; the habitual persistance of roles.

There could be great success from some perspectives, if he would just entrain to the game but he cannot. He must leave all to become all, this much is true, he looks at each path and laughs knowing all are filled with many attachments and equally filled with pleasure and pain. He knows he has had enough, he has had his fill and now it is time to transcend all of them, devote himself to the freedom timelines.

The dance, the eternal dance, who can escape?
Who of us will stand like stone as the music plays and we feel forced to dance?
We choose to dance? 

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