Dare I contemplate...

...that all of the darkness, pain, anxiety, mental illness, any illness, control system etc etc is really my greatest teacher/gatekeeper and the teacher of mankind, serving a purpose....?

The body pain ultimately may be the teacher that forces me to change/move/evolve.

It's all about (re)remembering again and again.

O and the being postive thing all the time is really just proof that there is underlying negativity that I want to escape from, it's mostly an illusion, obviously not adressing the negativity or the duality is the problem and neutral is the natural state i should be naturally in, balance and harmony is the true nature.

Wanting to be positive is really just actually being in a negative place, it is helpful to do affirmations, have dreams etc but not as an escape from the now moment, gratitude should be a grounding practise, so it seems there are different types of 'being positive': the escapism positivity (illusion) and the gratitude/inspiration positivity (a return to balance).

Shadow work is so important, involves so much resistance from the ego (survival/trauma)

Karma is ignorance, dharma is purpose!

Personal conduct becomes everything! The ultimate healer!

Mental illness may be a myth that has generated a huge industry of shrinks and pharmeceutical drugging of the masses.

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