Healing gender conflicts and sexual trauma

Primarily, this will be a time of which all gender conflicts and sexual trauma will surface to be seen, explored, and redefined to energetically transform an array of gender topics into improved clarification that is entirely new on the planet.

Although many people confuse soul disconnection from sexual trauma with gender confusion or multiple gender definitions as they search to redefine a new identity, they are ultimately seeking to heal unresolved spiritual pain, and this is the first step in clarifying the diverse complexity of gender principles.

Many gender topics are being redefined during this time and becoming more visible to the greater public, such as transgender, transsexual, pangender, agender and many different orientations that were previously hidden or being suppressed behind closed doors. The exploration of gender issues can make certain people extremely uncomfortable with their own sexual identity or gender role expectations, as this forces people to look at something within they had not seen before, yet, this is the necessary process to reveal what has been hidden.

Many people struggle and feel shame, guilt and confusion over their impulses, whether sexual or the strong desire to dress or have a certain lifestyles outside of their expected role in a gender body. Humans have to learn to better tolerate the diversity of potentials that exist related to gender and sexual preferences and alternative ways of being. Hiding the true circumstances of who we are creates decrepit foundations for increasing deception and lying.

When we can fully express the truth to others about who we are without fear of persecution, this clears misunderstandings and helps to improve communication and clarity between people. We should be supportive towards all people of any orientation to have the right to love each other peacefully, rather than be the moral watchdog focusing on whether two people of the same sex can be married to each other.

Our culture promotes abhorrent violence and sexual objectification of women as the standard, yet there are outcries when two people genuinely love each other but it does not fit the religious rhetoric. This makes no sense whatsoever.

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