Steady in the light; quit smoking

I'm trying to stay steady.
All I need is an affordable living space.

As soon as I start looking I'm just filled with feelings of extreme rage at the situation.
Even though I am feeling generally good.
I am the one that has to get an appartment.

As for angels, I do not talk about them alot.
Would be foolish to believe that anyone was looking out for me.
After all; many, many people have gotten alot more by doing a lot less than I have.
Like getting appartments, flats, decent affordable living quarters.

I hate life, I hate the fact that it costs so much effort.
Praying for others always gets them stuff but as for me...
suffer, I always suffer.

I'm just just having another rant.
I need ciggies, at least I always had the feeling that I was slowly killing myself.
That was always a pleasant thought.

I deserve a great house to live in after all I have been through.
I deserve alot of things, too stupid to even imagine.


  1. You deserve an affordable comfortable home you can be yourself in. I saw an angel when I was 11. It wasbterrifying and I ran like hell.but they are here. In the light. In the rays of the sun and the flame of the fire. That is what they are made of. They know us.You have an affordable home "Yours is the Earth and Everything in It."

  2. Thx so much Diana, felt so much better after reading your comment, I trust again now! x