Know this for all of my days

Some past part of me is being recycled back into my current life.
I was in a great transition, playing the hanged man like my soul was put on hold. Now there are pieces coming back to me; parts of the whole.

This is another soul-retrieval spanning years that is coming to completion. I can feel as I once did, yet from a more grounded perspective, yes this is a new freedom.

There are many new questions and doubts as there must be. There are new paths unwinding and doors firmly shut behind me.

Some would say; well you are getting older, this is only natural. I could agree, yet I feel younger, much younger, I'm going through a new adolescence as my spirit is rejuvenated.

No-one is old unless they feel young and innocent again, moving through a time and place that is untouched by attachment to outcomes. Now I am ready to be alone, to be whole, to be fulfilled as I am.

Don't look back, just leave it, let it be. I have wanted this for so long. Only my body could show me, teach me. It felt like lifetimes of pain, they were just years. It felt like an onslaught; brutal in it's tenacity yet nothing could be so loving as this body has been to me. I would never have listened, so stubborn is the flesh. I was wary of the brightness.

So intense is the light that we all cling and cower in the shadows of our own making, all will be made clear, all will be realized to be released. In time we all grow old and older and then young again, again and again.

What always got me was the serpent that devours the tail and twists and turns around the tree in a spiral of flirtatious longing and deceptive loving.

It confused me to know my lustful nature, it confused me to know my purity of being. They are intertwined always, so whispers my body softly. Come hither and lye down; I am moaning in ecstasy for the earthiness of my incarnation.

I am sprawled out like a landscape, shining this sun on my chest, on my arms and legs and on my face. I am massaging the living waters into my skin, rubbing and smoothing the features.
I have come to know this as medicine for the soulful glands.

It all just flows like a mountain stream now. To know this for all of my days, o to realize this for the rest of my many years.

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