hidden power

Energy is pouring through every pore of my flesh. My presence is broad and clear and is felt by all I gaze upon, for they turn their faces towards me when I near them and they stand in awe at my passing. In their eyes I see a mix of respect, fear, jealousy, a longing and a lust for the forbidden. Will I allow them into my flow, into the depths of my soul and into my warmth?
I cannot help it, I am almost floating and my body feels loose, sensual but sharp. I am in turn absorbing waves of energy from all present and like a hunter, sleek and magnificent I prowl through the crowd, searching with my eyes, like two huge flashlights that leave none uncovered, no eye contact is needed for I am aware of all. My mind would now and then stretch out towards someone, invading their consciousness, feeling their presence like a warm buzz spreading through the crown of my skull.
Pleasing to the eye, yet if you catch these eyes, they could leave you dumbstruck and embarrassed, so much can be displayed in them. There are many answers and so many more mysteries, tales of hidden valleys and ancient forests, lost islands and vast oceans and more than that; the very core of existence. I hold the human component in my hand and wear the ethereal on my brow.
I can literally experience the energy like waves around me, enticing their eyes. On my face a genuine look of peace and calm, a kind of bewitched heaven, concentrated on the vibe, distracted by the hidden and the calling of many. A wanting I read in numerous souls, a yearning to partake of my energy, to feel connected. Beware fool! A wicked mind is a weapon of mass destruction. Parts of me are being destroyed.
©2005Brow of Calm

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