return of the transition buzz

Today that familiar buzz was back, the static electricity feeling around my temples and on my brow. I know this feeling from the earlier transition of last year, read about that here. Since then it have never been as strong as now. It isn't really suprising that its been a year now since everything really started to happen to me concerning the increasing awareness and metaphysical adaptation. I am stumbling across information at just the right times, the process is speeding up, the flow is faster. Time is hardly applicable anymore, there is no time it would seem. Everything has sped up for a reason though. It no longer takes me months to adapt to the new space expanding, more like days. I'm sure we are all feeling this...
Even though tomorrow or in a few days or maybe even later on tonight things will change; maybe I will be zapped of my current energy or feel like nothing is happening, maybe i'll feel like i'm missing the manifestation. Even then I will be more in tune, my vibrations are higher, they are there, it is so, I have felt it happening and not only physical sensations but emotional bursts of inner vitality and deeper understandings of myself, my desire and the individual strength I am building up.
I need to remind myself just how I work with this, response is often a realisation or observation, not a dialogue, not spoken words. I assert influence from behind the scenes, I am more a 'felt but not seen' person. I am bringing about changes all around me, inserting new flow into still waters, just how much flow often remains to be seen. If I am craving recognition or appreciation than I am a blind man. I regulate my inner and outer worlds through blunders and graceful intuition.

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