The alarm clock of humanity

I’m looking outwards, watching the world, contemplating the new output of creative individuals and feeling new sparks of freedom through soul-based communication. At the same time I like many others am watching the world with growing anticipation mixed with confusion and always overshadowed by doubt. Where are we running to globally? What are we running from individually? Where does the balance between the two lie?
I am sure that love is growing and spreading, awareness is increasing, I wonder if something huge must happen soon in order to shake the majority awake, we’ve become used to violence, poverty, war and injustice. We have been drifting fast asleep through waking life, now instead of moaning and groaning, turning over and falling back to sleep in comfort and ignorance it is time to awaken, rub the sleep from our eyes and embrace a new day. How many times have we hit the snooze button on the alarm clock of humanity?
I see many young people just waiting; I look upon my generation who have lost interest in most things, caught between over-stimulation and in-action. As the trust in religion fades, the yearning for fulfilment in life and longing for love only grows. It is in our make-up to search for new horizons, to question the meaning of existence.
I look at the world and know that everything is happening for a reason, its all part of the learning process of mankind. Humans in this day and age can process things faster than ever before, I believe that we are learning faster and faster, we are learning how to be flexible and pick up new things at an alarming pace. It’s not surprising we are under stress and falling without warning into new mindscapes and inner space. Our brains are finding new ways to deal with the changes and are making connections with new previously unused parts. We have a world of ultra speedy resources at our fingertips on a global scale. This is all necessary in order to integrate new patterns of behaviour into our lives and regain the awareness and respect for each other and our home; the earth.
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