what is yet to come

A fragment from Karen Bishops latest energy alert.
Things will be settling down as our re-connections become more and more intact, and this is already beginning now. And yes, everyone will begin to experience miracles and new beginnings. Hitting rock bottom created opportunities for change for many, so then, much will be re-structured, re-aligned, and settled into very new spaces.
Much will be different and will continue to evolve and change in a disruptive and destructive way until we reach 2012. Thus, there will continue to be upheavals for a few more years for many, but most of everything will be intact and ready for the very New World to be created fully by 2012.
Coming together in community will be paramount, and we will be forming smaller groups of supportive souls who know each other intimately in times to come. Our old ways of living and being created separation, anonymity, and the like, and this will soon be a reality of the past.
Travel will be greatly compromised, and this will serve to support the unity reality. Air and auto travel will be highly limited to those of affluence, and air travel will almost be rare. Train travel will be the norm and serve as the primary source of movement into other areas, as well as smaller inventions for very local travel yet to be introduced.
Families and loved ones will relocate in order to be together geographically and to serve as support units for their whole. The walls of judgment, separation, and ego-personality states will rapidly dissipate through these times of change. The area where I currently reside is comprised of retired Buddhist monks, a strong gay community, retired main stream individuals, healers, Mormons, and many creative artists. Everyone here gets along as we need to support each other. It becomes easy to see only the soul, beauty, and gifts and talents of another while disregarding the package they are contained in, as we are all one and we greatly need each other. And this is how it will be for most everyone soon. We will actually finally “see” each other!
“Local” will be paramount. Smaller communities will sustain themselves and support each other. And this is when our own special gifts and talents will be needed, recognized, and highly revered. This is the way of the higher realms. And yes, smaller communities can exist within a metropolitan area as well. Where I currently live, the nearest store is an hour away. But we have avid gardeners and growers here, a strong farmer’s market, we each share our experiences and supports for sustainable and natural building, and I can literally hike, write, get my mail, connect with others, take yoga, and much else without leaving my own back yard. In this way, the gas prices have very little impact as well. I rarely need to get in my car. Running errands is virtually extinct.
Barack Obama will become president of the US. His soul has predestined this path at this particular time. He carries past life energy of Abraham Lincoln and other masters and highly evolved beings. This has been planned at higher levels for some time now. He brings the energy of unity and change and will have an effect which we have not seen in eons of time. I have known this for quite some time, but Hillary followers got very angry with me! If you are one who favors John McCain, please refrain from letting me know. This was not my idea…I am just the messenger!
The supports we have longed for, for so very long, will finally arrive. And they will come in the form of each other. Financial supports will arrive through our store-fronts (kindly find more detailed information about store-fronts in the energy alert for July 9th located in the archives).
August of 2008 will bring in some beautiful energy. Much will have been resolved and settled in by then, and thus, more will be intact at last. We will experience another opening to the higher levels, and like fairy dust being sprinkled over us, the magic will appear at every turn. I tear up when I see these times as they are so very beautiful.

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