By Dtergent on Bluelight
Do you know what a sirena is? (Shouts the sailor on a motorbike, the wind skims their ears like a giant gust inside a giant seashell) She sings the sailors in. They get dizzy with dreams.
On the motorbike the girl sings. The wind eats her voice up.
Do you know how to read without looking? Palm in palm. Lids over eyes. Walk. Stop. Breathe.
The goodbye is simple: The sailor grows the flowers around the temple too. (The lily pads remind him of rafts)
After he explains the consequence of flowers, the girl, she sings.
With no wind now, the song climbs up the banyan tree and drapes itself upon the branches. It comes down to their feet. (The words are understood like you understand colors.)
In a siamese wanting to forget and remember, together they sing for a gust to take her away.

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