not expected to live up to mine

First you have to have expectations but projecting all kinds of desire onto strangers is asking for strange reactions. What did you expect? No one has to live up to your expectations ever, or as long as you demand it.

Nothing is expected from you and yet so much.

So after you visualized all kinds of scenario's and when then the right candidate seemingly came along; it is not right to just jump them, they are not your prey.
Realising that when treated with respect some of the people will allow you to see them and you can hold your peace with what their actions imply.

They will try to communicate to you, that you are no longer residing full-time with them.

Rushing in with desperation and I, they just look at me with empty eyes, that don't really see. I feel frustration, impatience, not much tolerence at all. Not worth it.
But when you see where you are, fine really, still not that into it, still rather bored, waiting, I am waiting, there is no haste, there is no waste. Not much longer now and then the sky will clear and it will just be you and me.

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