nice and quiet

This post should be a reminder of what I know and of what I should remember forever now: smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is detrimental to the inner calm.
Since stopping once again; I feel that slow detachment; it seems to have gotten nice and quiet in my body, so much less confusion and more flow, less constriction.
A healthy diet is also helping, avocado and tea, helping to feel the inner physical calm.
Now when confronted with ignorance or the unknown, when feeling automatic comparisons arising; I quickly detach or at least I am conscious of that conditioning now and therefore render the duality powerless.
I am more aware of who I am and so less threatened by that stupid norm of competition and insecurity.
That drama always needing my attention, always claiming that I need to resort to addictions to numb out the pain of being so called different, when being unique is exactly the whole point of it all and the hidden strength at this time, !

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