very content just by the whole thing

Seeing the divine in every experience.
Understanding of a wide variety of life.
Knowing truth, the spiritual laws, respect.
Discovering and integrating of soul or omnipresence.
Patience and trust on the spiritual path.
Realizing how good you are.
Quite delightful, i'm sure.
Feeling the depth of this existance.
Christ consciousness, love thy neighbour.
Expression of self without judgment.
Mastery of energy managment.
Alignment of chakra systems.
Bringing flow of higher light to earth.
Through my healthy radiant body.
Sharing with, allowing others to rest.
Collecting beautiful things.
Teaching balanced message for creation.
Peaceful gathering for relaxation and quiet bliss.
Thankful and blessed with plant and animal life.
Harvest thy abundant earth, we love.
Very content just by the whole thing.

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