duality discussions 3

Life as a school?

It would seem you are jealous of the complacency, it seems you are envious of the safe and predictable lives because you have a different brain chemistry that just needs intensity but at the same time you judge your experience as boring, unsatisfactory and unrewarding.
Really, as if someones appearance and fashion taste are divining, as if cursory outward details are a reliable signpost to whats under there, or in there or hanging around there?
Don't judge a book by it's cover, bookman. 
You forget I have psychic perception to a certain degree.
I don't like the word degree, I don't like the educational system, I thinks it totally fake.
Yesterday she said: it's your personality remember, always wanting to delve deeper and deeper, ever deeper for the core. You may have more thoughts in one day than your average human has in a year.
Can't you just accept that everyone is absolutely fine in their own way?
You compare yourself with people who are on a completely different trip. You claim you are on some kind of path that goes way beyond tolerance and yet you judge others without any regard for the tailored curriculum of the earth school.

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