duality discussions 2

Feeling like a fool, leaning towards the light, knowing that what I write will come into manifestation. Now I know that, well it's time to write about what I want from this life, and yes I have very high standards.
Something that has been approaching for ages has finally arrived: the confrontation with my beliefs about the duality.
My confusion is about the middle road again, the discussion is about my beliefs; are they valid?
Are my desires false? What about my intent? Is wanting to eliminate suffering from my life a fallacy of huge proportions? Are evil acts justified? Are my expectations naive and based around cognitive dissonance?
Fear, fear, fear. Done, done, done. Exhausted.
There are no true rewards for any behavior. It's like everyone knows this already except me, life can be fucked up but that's the fun part. Most people are having a total blast! It's fun out there!
Me back on the cognitive grindstone and just all jaded about ethics.

Truth and falsity

Spinoza's notions of truth and falsity have to do with the relation between ideas and their objects. He thinks that:
Every idea that in us is absolute, or adequate and perfect, is true.
Falsity consists in the privation of knowledge which inadequate, or mutilated and confused, ideas involve.

"Good" and "Evil"

Spinoza gives the following definitions of "Good", and "Evil":
By good I shall understand what we certainly know to be useful to us.
By evil, however, I shall understand what we certainly know prevents us from being masters of some good.
 from wiki

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