duality discussions

The norm is tragic and cynical to me. The false desire heaped upon false desire and the acting, yes, the world is a stage, the pretentious masking of it all, it can be just useless. How falsehood and deceit can be edgy: who may know?
The norm is painful and confusing to me. The lack of originality and integrity I see, the neediness for trends and models just so off-putting. I am not interested in form, completely bored with behavioral patterns that are formed from a need to compensate for perceived lack.
The reality of mind control flares up all around me through the controlled thoughts and beliefs of those I interact with, so blatant and so hopeless. They humans are not to be blamed or judged?
True, I know some who are free of it; there are those, some friends and family members and they know about the mechanisms now. This level of fortune, knowing them, completes the level of pain.
Reality will continue to hit me over the head until I accept its teachings and then it will punch me some more about some other deal I forgot to close. In fact I’m sure it doesn’t really matter what you do; if you chase the desire, go the way of indulgence, slip and slide from Amsterdam to Addis Ababa.
You will always return to a world filled with false pretenses, false desires, and false beliefs. You are in control, mate of mine, baby, baby. You wouldn’t want it any other way and that might make you laugh and cringe at the same time.

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