the secret force and energetic interaction 2

My aura can become enlarged and I can mostly control it. I can send energy through space, I can send thoughts, it is possible. This is a reality I am used to, perhaps not yet fully adjusted to.
The ethics involved still puzzle me, for example whether or not it is ok to send someone x or y (thought) energy?
I know that energetic rape exists but also energetic healing, I know it's possible to remove a blokkage or entity from someones field just with the snap of the fingers or a simple thought.
My presence alone may be uplifting and I must trust in life orchestrating all humans somehow, so that my presence does not effect something without the other wanting it or allowing it or enjoying it.
What are the karmic processes that are set in motion when I send someone energy?
Be it my physical energy or thought energy, images, words and all the rest, general day to day interaction is always happening but if you manipulate someone psychically; is that 'bad'?
The answer lies in the word; manipulate (handle or control (a tool, mechanism, etc.), typically in a skillful manner: "he manipulated the dials").
My feeling is that any kind of manipulation that is detrimental to the life force of another is 'not done'.
Does sending energy to someone intefere with their free-will?
This whole phenomenom raises alot of questions about the nature of free will and whether or not on some level there is consent from both parties in order for it to take place.
Sometimes I don't feel that I am free to think certain thoughts, sometimes I feel I need to censor my thoughts just in case the person I am thinking about knows what I'm thinking about them or feeling for them or about them.
Sometimes there seems to be no psychic privacy, I am not schizofrenic, sometimes I am overtly paranoid.
Who decides though what is bad or good for another and what about the reasoning of doing something just because you can, because it is possible for you to do so?
The secret force is there for those who are honorable. It is available to those who can integrate it fully. Just like learning to ride a bike or drive a car; it takes practise, it takes experience to learn to use the secret force properly without causing injury to self or others. There must be some heart space for it to rest in.
It is very powerful. There doesn't seem to be much info on this subject as of yet; the mind-power thing and it's correlating energetic manifestations, it certainly is unknown terrain for most of us at this time.
This is not a drug induced phenomenon athough it is very much alike to some of those experiences.
There is absolutely an altered state/reality here but it's more like the 'freakish' reality is the predominant one. The reality in which these things do not exist is unreal to me and more like an altered state of consciousness when I experience it.
Sometimes I think I tampered with my brain a little but the force continues to grow stronger, previous posts on this blog confirm this and my psychoactive substance ab use on the other hand gets less and less.
Reiki has been a huge factor these last years. There is a link, it's all unraveling; any control I believed I had but didn't want.
I think I am a little scared of this power because I know it is so easily abused, I  have been down that road before, the one where violation is involved and it scares me, unconsciously and consciously, ok semi consciously. I may be trying to avoid situations in which I could be seduced into using this ability for my own selfish (percieved) gain.
It's not something I can switch on or off! If my life force is weak or ungrounded then the force is less available and also weak for use.
I am puzzled about consequences. I seem to have no choice in the matter, this integrity is practically forced upon me by this ability.

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  1. It is possible to consciously create a cord to another person but this is in the domain of black magic. You should never use psychic means to purposely control or affect another’s energy without their permission. There are no exemptions from this rule and the karmic repercussions are enormous!