the secret force and energetic interaction

They look at me, they all seem to be watching me, they seem struck with my countenance and my eyes glinting mysteriously with much depth. I grant you, I am no freak. It's all very fresh and unusual, I am not your average, this may be the first time they have ever encountered someone like me or this vibe.

Yes, the interest is welcome and flattering but I would say that it is not wholly by my doing, or my genes doing, or my personality. It is the secret force, available to all, maybe I am the new human.

They stare, they try to look away or they look away and then look back again, and I see an expression, one of bafflement and semi-shock on their faces, and some are angry at themselves as if they can no longer suppress/hide something.

Some people are lusty eyed, others are amused and attracted but I know better than to put it down to sex appeal, sometimes sexual energy is definately part of it but there's more to this strange interaction than just that.

It's often as if some beforehand unconscious inner spirit/soul part of them recognizes the spirit/soul part of me. The human beings personality/identity just thinks WTF is with that guy or WTF is with me checking him out???

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