mostly new

Travels have led me to places, all over the world there were spaces where I needed to be, often not consciously doing anything specific but on other levels I was doing my part, raising, healing and completing. After the months of intense activity I am mostly new now; I left mary, I drove on them Texas highways for a time, all new faces. Good to know there is a peace always, god to know there is an ease and a breeze of someone that has secure knowledge of self. The chatter of demons left the airways and I am listening to the silence with much rest, angels gather now with sublime grace to usher me on, yes all will come round to me, no fighting. Believing is seeing, not the other way around, I am ready to live with honour for there is no haste and there is no waste. Human race, we are not all here yet but some are and it is good, just wait. The walls crumble down, the crashing castles of the patriarchy; in the night the lone horn has found a mate.

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