being negative

Let’s remember that to be informed is not the same thing as “being negative.” Let’s not insult awareness by calling it “pessimism.” All sentient beings know that the ghastly imbalances going on in the world right now are unsustainable. They contain the seeds of their own destruction. To look death in the eye is to concede the obvious.

The old order is dying. We know this not just from world events but from our gut instinct. And we have heard it in the prophecies: the ancient lore about this era we live in, legends that tell of a momentous turning of the macro-wheel, a return to balance.

The fact that balance will be restored is not in question; that is Natural Law. The question is whether humanity will shake off the old consciousness in time to avoid the extreme chaos of the transitional phase: the phase between now and when the new paradigm kicks in.

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