looking death in the eye 2

In pondering the world moment, feelings of anguish or fear must certainly come up. But to focus upon these feelings – to indulge them, to make the exercise about them — is to miss the point.

The point is to make a declaration that we choose to respond, rather than react, to life — as it is, here and now. It is a solemn promise not to sleepwalk through the rest of our tenure on Earth.

If we believe that everything is connected, it follows that the responsibility for the world situation is shared. So in our prayer we are not blaming others, nor dumping global horrors in the laps of the gods. Neither are we hoisting them, martyr-like, upon our own shoulders.

To look death in the eye, in this spirit, is a small symbolic gesture of huge spiritual significance. We are taking responsibility for having incarnated when and where we did. We are telling our soul that we haven’t forgotten it. We are recommitting to its purpose.

Mother Sky

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