10 simple ways to move into more freedom, peace, knowledge

As I was writing these 10 tips I remembered that I had done a post like this before and I looked it up and it just happens that I wrote that post on exactly this day in 2012!

So exactly 4 years ago I wrote a similar post to this (10 simple calming tips for the shift) ...made me quite happy and look how far we have all come...truly amazing!

Here are the new 10 tips in no particular order:

1) Stop watching television! Stop the programming and mind-control of the mainstream media and fake celebrity. Protect your mind from the garbage. Use youtube or streaming instead.

2) Eat organic food; is better for nature, environment, animals, your body and it tastes better too.

3) Get at least one houseplant; learn to take care of something that's alive. Plants naturally detox homes and living spaces, relax you and they communicate with you too. Tune into nature.

4) Cancel all subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and other print media; we have the internet now; stop the clutter and waste. These are all forms of programming and use up resources and money, do you even read them?

5) Use supplements like Spirulina and Turmeric to detox the body of heavy metals and other toxins, there are hundreds of healing plants, get knowledgable on the foods that heal.

6) Never go to McDonalds, Burger King or any of these fast food places again, extremely low vibrations and toxic to body, mind and soul.

7) Turn off the wifi before you go to sleep. Wifi interferes with dreams and restoration, holds u in a lower programmed state. Research this.

8) Buy some gold and silver and use cash, just as a way of not complying 100% with the system and as an investment.

9) Develop a spiritual practise; meditation, reiki, yoga, prayer or anything that helps you to connect to your higher self and the truth vibrations. The benefits are endless.

10) Donate energy, be of service to others; you could donate money or your time, giving = receiving, just try it, you will see.

Can you think of any good tips for the freedom timelines? Add them below in the comments...

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