feeling positive about the world

Disconnect from the control system; start with your own mind.
What is fear?

Lately I've been feeling positive about the world, it's obvious to me that the old powers are losing control and they know it. They are becoming desperate.

Truth vibrations are increasing, no need for hope. Change is happening, change for good. Fact.

Yet if you tune in to the fear vibration of the mainstream media it sure looks ugly and hopeless, once you have done enough inner work you will find peace within; unshakeable sense of well-being.

It is true that more and more people are awakening, they come to worship at the body-temple, to have reverance for all of life, they are becoming pro-life, pro-truth and pro-freedom. Yes, more and more each day!

Hence the petty attempts of the politicians and their masters to thwart the freedom timeline, attack those who are leaving their control, they know that evil will destroy itself and they are pissed off. 

True freedom comes from knowledge and experience and from the sun.

Know thyself!

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