when the revelations are no more

My outward life is a manifestation of my inward journey, as inhibited as that outward is. Everywhere I go and everything I do is a discovery and a lesson, but not one taken towards a material career or a residential comfort but towards the truth and the purpose of my every breath. To say I do not care about the way things would seem to be going is not the truth because it is inherent to the way people perceive me and how much I can mean for these people. My search for inner peace has lead me through addiction, the psychology of the addict and a very intriguing journey it will always remain but it has taken me further now; deeper into the depths of my subconscious and into the stream of consciousness from which I come and to which I belong. A spiritual awakening has been the result, a revelation of the soul and a revelation of the result of all my doings on the surface, on the earth and how it can all be un-done and re-done. When the revelations are no more I will have found my home, though my self will no longer be able to acknowledge it.

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