helpful reflections

some reflections from montalk.net:
* No heart, no art. (without soul-based enthusiasm, what you produce will be void of true creativity. It’s not a matter of mustering enthusiasm so much as doing what comes naturally).
* Kill a negative future by becoming aware of it, but don’t let anticipation bias your awareness of the present state of things. Resist all hasty actions and don’t go on assumptions. It is better to not act than to choose between two bad choices.
* When you feel you are in a check-mate situation, know this is illuson designed to push you into taking a rigged solution since you feel you have no other choice. Instead, first retreat and reflect, enter the unknown to gather a new perspective; this will unravel the paradox.
* Act always from your center, always for the truth, always toward balance, and always with love and understanding.
* What tingles the tongue muddles the mind.
* There’s no evolution without revolution.
* When you are in the flow but then lose the flow, there will be a period of stasis until the next wave comes to carry you along.
* Best ways to stave off psychic attacks: have humor, be harmonious with others, have gratitude and praise for the Infinite Creator, be aware of attack modes, do what gives you joy, get enough sleep, read uplifting material, intend and ask for protection.
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