Maximizing Your Potential to Help Others

You can be a beacon – by discovering your inner truth, manifesting it as practical knowledge, and maintaining your frequency and confidence in what you know, you become a beacon broadcasting higher frequency and higher knowledge into your environment and into the lives of all who cross your path. You create ripple effects in reality, sending waves out through the lives of others. You throw seeds and they grow in those whose minds are fertile. You create a forward cascading effect into the future, in ways only the divine mind can grasp in its entirety because the future is nonlinear – small things can have HUGE effects if applied in the right way at the right place at the right time. You can’t calculate these ahead of time, but know that by following your divine calling, you’ll always be on target.
This extract is from a must-read article that I highly recommend: Maximizing Your Potential to Help Others
montalk.net :: (CC) 30 July 04

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